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Why JC Change Calculator?

JC Change Calculator is a .NET user control that gives your projects the ability to add touch screen change calculation as in a Point of Sale system. You set the totalAmount property of the control and it handles everything else for you. The control has an event that you can plug into which fires when the user clicks the process payment button.


Current Development Status

The JC Change Calculator control is under development but is currently available in a beta release.

Current Features

The current version offers these features:
  • Set one property and the control is ready for the user to interact with it.
  • Automatically creates "bill buttons" for easy operator use. Currently 4 "bill buttons" are created dynamically.
  • Automatically calculates change as you "type" in the amount being paid.
  • Fires an event that your application can plug into when the user presses the "pay button".
  • Customize the text of the "pay button" through the PayButtonText property.

Control Usage

Here's how to use the control:

1. Set the totalAmount property.

2. User will interact with the control by entering in the amount they received. This can be done number-by-number using the keypad or for quick entry the user can press a "bill button". Bill buttons are on the far right of the control and represent bills that could be used to pay the total amount. Once the user has entered an amount greater than the total amount the change amount is calculated automatically.

3. After the user has entered the amount they received and is ready to finalize the payment the pay button is pressed. The control fires the changeMade event when this happens. In your application you can program what needs to take place after the user presses this button.

The Road Map

Future versions could contain any of the following features depending upon feedback from the community.
  • Customizable ui elements such as: number buttons, bill buttons, etc...
  • More detailed payment info such as: different payment types, multiple payment types, bill split, etc...

Important Note

Please leave your feedback on the validity of this control in the open source community. Your feedback will determine the fate of this project.

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